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ASA Stadium Power Tour wraps up

The season finale of the ASA Stadium Power Tour ended in dramatic fashion at Busch Stadium. Three-time champ Denny Crine from Miken was one point from qualifying for the finals, despite a 10 point performance. The St. Louis fans were treated to a great show, with many upper deck show bombs, even a blast into the third deck by Kevin “Flip “ Filby. Bubba Brungardt, from DeMarini one of the youngest sluggers on the tour, rounded out the Top Five. Team Easton leads the Manufactures cup, followed by DeMarini and Miken. 

Results from ASA Stadium Power Tour Round # 8, St. Louis:

Denny Crine, Miken 10

Chris Grienert, Combat 10 

Bubba Brungardt,DeMarini 9 

Kevin Filby, Miken 9

Johnny McCraw, Combat 9

2014 ASA Stadium Power Tour Individual standings:

1.) Scott Kirby - 64 Points – .711 Average Points Per Swing - TO FINALS
2.) Kevin Filby - 59 Points – .656 Average Points Per Swing - TO FINALS
3.) Chris Larsen – 58 Points – .644 Average Points Per Swing - TO FINALS
4.) Brian Wegman - 55 Points – .611 Average Points Per Swing - TO FINALS
5. Dale Brungardt - 53 Points - .589 Average Points Per Swing - TO FINALS
6.) Denny Crine – 52 Points – .578 Average Points Per Swing
7.) Chris Greinert -  48 Points - .533 Average Points Per Swing
8.) Johnny McCraw - 44 Points - .489 Average Points Per Swing

2014 ASA Power Tour Manufacturers Cup Standings:

Team Easton (Kirby, Wegman) – 119 Points – .661 Average Points Per Swing – TO FINALS
Team DeMarini (Larsen, Brungardt) - 111 Points – .617 Average Points Per Swing  - TO FINALS
Team Miken (Crine, Filby) - 111 Points – .617 Average Points Per Swing  - TO FINALS
Team Combat (McCraw, Greinert) – 92 points - .511 Average Points Per

The ASA Stadium Power Tour Finals are set for Friday September 26 at Brick Town Ball Park in Oklahoma City. The Top Five will slug out for the right to the greatest softball home run hitter in the world. Team Easton, DeMarini and Miken will face off for the coveted Manufactures Cup. 


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